Pressure Points

Kids are a trip. My 2 boys, 8 and 5 years old, really make me laugh. I’ve recently decided I need to start spending more time with them at night when I put them to bed. Last night was my first night. What an interesting night it was.

As we’re lying in the bed talking, my blonde haired 5 year old gets hyped up. He’s hilarious when he’s tired. They started yelling “Deadly pressure points!” Not exactly the words daddy likes to hear, but it’s hard not to laugh. Gabriele dove onto Jonathan and started poking him in all sorts of places all the while Jonathan was instructing Gabriele “that’s not the deadly pressure point!” Of course I had to jump in as well.

The problem with daddy getting involved is that well, I actually made the mistake of teaching them a couple of the real pressure points. Now I’m really in for it. 🙂

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