Aw Geez Steve…You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me

So this story just keeps getting better. Such a soap opera.

If you haven’t been following the iPhone prototype that got loose out in California, then you’ve really missed some fun. Being a moderate Apple fan, I’m quite disappointed in Steve and the company’s approach to the whole lost iPhone episode. After just posting about Apple’s “control freak / locked down platform”, the story just adds more disappointment for this fan.

If you want the whole story, check out some of these links.
Gizmodo – the story origination
USA Today – old news

And then it got serious…
The Police Raid on Jason Chen
TechCrunch – More Police Raid Coverage
Apple Insider – the lawsuit

So if you read my last disgruntled post about the Apple vs. Adobe, you know how that has now cost Apple $4000 of my hard earned cash. Now you can imagine where my mind goes reading this new account of Apple’s “behavior”. I seriously would like to just video my bashing of all my Apple products to make a statement. Will I? No…but I wish I still had my wife’s old Power PC to take out some of my frustration.

Apple…get over yourself…cut the BS Steve. You’re not messing with a bunch of peons anymore. You’re messing with the communities’ perception of Apple.

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