Our Apple Farm

And the Apple story just keeps getting better…or at least more entertaining. Before I post more thoughts on the developing Apple situation. I feel I should clarify things for any Apple groupies out there. Seriously, I’m an apple user and fan. I’m not some Microsoft/Dell guy bashing Apple. To prove it for any naysayers, I decided to take some pictures of our “Apple Farm”.

My Wife's MacBookThe Mac MiniThe MacBook ProThe Pro - Dual G5
So what happened lately? Well, this material is so outstandingly good that it was only a matter of time before the talk shows got in on it. If you haven’t seen Jon Stewart or David Letterman’s bit on the iPhone, take a few minutes and get a good laugh.

Jon Stewart
David Letterman

Several iPhone spoofs and videos have also surfaced for your viewing pleasure
Steve Jobs – Old video footage of Steve talking about “stealing” ideas
Hitler spoof

Steve, love your products, but I’ll leave you with this for now.

Steve Jobs save me

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