Cinco de Mayo Mixer…Nashville Technology Networking

Tonight was a great evening down at the Nashville Technology Cinco de Mayo mixer. Over the last few years, I’ve occasionally visited the Nashville Technology events. This year I’ve stepped my attendance a bit, and I’ve been very pleased with some of the relationships I’ve been able to build.

Tonight an old acquaintance, Marcus Whitney, made an appearance at the event. It was a pleasure speaking with him about what he’s been doing over the last year. Marcus has gotten in the start up business and serves as CTO. I really enjoyed hearing Marcus’ stories of jet setting around the country meeting some other big names in venture capital and start ups.

I also bumped into Clint Smith. Clint is the CEO of, an extremely successful email marketing company with 100 employees. With our company current in the middle of email vendor selection, bumping into Clint was very fortunate timing.

A delightful evening and I made it back to the car just in time to get my wife’s text, “Are you headed home yet?” That was my cue that the insanity of handling our 5 kids had reached its limit.

Top of Icon Building - NashvilleTop of Icon Building - NashvilleTop of Icon Building - NashvilleTop of Icon Building - NashvilleTop of Icon Building - Nashville

Nashville Tech Council Networking
Kevin Swindlehurst, Fresenius Medical (Left), Chris Mihalcik, Fresenius Medical (Right)
Clint Smith, CEO
Clint Smith, CEO

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