Web 2.0 Summit Kickoff

Arrived in San Francisco last night and after a 1 hour shuttle ordeal, we arrived at the hotel. A late dinner, 10 CST, then we were back in the room resting up for Monday.

Monday morning we had a fabulous breakfast at Sears Fine Food on Powell Street, courtesy of the incredible Katy Maki. We were seated next to a couple of visiting New York ladies who kindly shared some of their San Francisco drinking adventures with us. Sears is know for their famous Swedish 18 Pancakes which I sampled and highly recommend.

I’ve really appreciated the attendee directory posted on the Web 2.0 Summit‘s website. There are some quality people at this conference. One such person is Neff Hudson of USAA Bank whom we joined for lunch today. Neff serves as Assistant Vice President of Emerging Channels for USAA. The lunch was good, and the conversation was better.

I’m really looking forward to hearing Carol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo, later this week. I’ve been reading up on her accomplishments and career. She’s an interesting woman and very accomplished in business. Forbes Video

The conference officially kicks off at 2:30 PM.

Sears Fine Food - San Francisco


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