Build Your Online Rep…Publish an eBook

Have you ever considered writing a book? Many people have. One of my 2011 goals is to take some work I’ve done to grow my professional career and convert it into an ebook. I was a little more motivated today to follow through on this goal when my wife sent me a post from Michael Hyatt’s blog.

Michael Hyatt recently published a very useful ebook recently titled Creating Your Personal Life Plan. As a follow up piece, he’s written about “How to Create an e-Book in Seven Steps.”

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Tony graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1993. He spent six years at a small business manufacturing company doing engineering and network admin work. He made the jump to a full time Internet junkie in March 2001 when he joined Dave Ramsey, noted author, radio talk show host and entrepreneur. Currently, he's serving as VP of Internet Business and Technology for, and other online initiatives for Dave Ramsey's organization.

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