A Look at Website Split Testing

We started split testing over at daveramsey.com several years ago. When we first started, we used custom code to pull it off. In 2008, we took the jump over to Omniture’s Test and Target product line.

A/B Split Testing is an important tool in the arsenal of online business. That’s one of the reasons I found this post by 37 Signals so interesting. It was extremely clear and straight to the point.

37 Signals - Baseline Test

37 Signals - A/B Split Testing

One thought on “A Look at Website Split Testing

  1. The “Test and Target” product is particularly good because it reports a confidence interval and a measure of statistical significance for its results. The results of any test are inconclusive without knowing the statistical significance. In the 37signals post, their last example shows differences of around 3% among the ‘recipes’ tried.

    Also, while the A/B testing is awesome, testing multiple variations at once is possible through multivariate testing, which “Test and Target” also provides.

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