Politics. Corruption. #DNCleak.



During this election cycle I have been utterly amazed at how uniformed so many people are about Hillary Clinton. Scandals upon scandals. Lies. Lies. Lies. So I pose these questions to you.

  1. When do you know if Hillary Clinton is lying? When she is talking.
  2. How many illegal scandals does it take to finally put Hillary on trial? Apparently more than 20 in total. (Check out the list of Hillary’s Scandals)
  3. When is a Political Party not a Political Party? When it is a criminal organization. Read More

I must admit I was blind to all of this. I’ve been busy for 20 years starting my adult life, raising my 6 kids and working for the fantastic leader and businessman Dave Ramsey. I recently left Dave’s organization on May 2 and decided to spend a little time catching up on politics. After all, it is a presidential election year.

What I’ve learned has both shocked and disgusted me. How can so much corruption exist at the top of one of our 2 primary political parties?! Now I may sound naive, but I recall the history of Richard Nixon, the Iran Contra investigations and even Bill Clinton’s impeachment.Those were all bad and horrible things, but they pale in comparison to what the modern day Democratic Party and Democratic leaders are doing today.

What is going on today in the Democratic party is so far beyond any of those issues that it defies the imagination. Now I would say we, the American People, have been fortunate that 2 people are willing to stand up to this corruption. @wikileaks founder Julian Assange and the hacker known as Guccifer 2.0. When our Democratic appointed Department of Justice is so corrupt that it won’t investigate the corruption in the Democratic party, we are fortunate to have bold outsiders who will put their lives on the line to expose the worst and most widespread corruption in American History.

Here’s a little snippet to get your started – New DNC Leak: Pay to Play, Election Fraud, Insider Trading


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