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Tony Bradshaw

About this Blog

Life has struggles, and it isn’t always glamorous. By sharing my thoughts on life, I hope to help people be successful at work, home, leadership, parenting and loving their spouse.

About Me
I graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in 1993. After that, I spent six years at a small business manufacturing company doing engineering and network admin work. In March 2001, I made the jump to a full time Internet junkie when I joined Dave Ramsey, noted author, radio talk show host and entrepreneur. I spent the last 15 years on the journey from web developer to Director to VP of Internet Business and Technology. In 2012, I become the first CIO in company history. I held the CIO title until June 2015 when I became COO. My journey with Ramsey Solutions ended in May 2016, and I am now seeking new endeavors.

More about Tony Bradshaw
Tony Bradshaw is currently reaching out to local C-Level, VP Level and Director Level web and IT professionals in the Nashville area. The web and IT groups at Dave Ramsey are currently hiring high level programmers and technology professionals.

Tony Bradshaw has worked to innovate, improve and streamline the recruiting process for Dave Ramsey’s group by using video, non-traditional job postings, creating team blogs, and providing methods for the company’s internal company culture to be experienced by the outside world.

Since taking the reigns of the web department in 2002, the amount of company revenue tied to internet initiatives has grown to be a major contributor the company’s bottom line. In 2007, Tony steered the company to commit to Omniture for their web analytics (see Omniture Interview).

Specializes In
Organizational planning, business planning, problem solving, leadership development, team skills mentoring, innovative thinking,  online business development, and leveraging the power of pulling together technology and business. Really appreciates the freedom to influence his surroundings, affect change and make improvements in all areas of business and life.

3 thoughts on “About Tony Bradshaw

  1. Tony,

    My name is Chad Cooper and I met you and Tim Munsell this year at Omniture’s Summit. I currently work for Marriott Vacation Club in Orlando, but am originally from Clarksville, TN. That may or may not help you remember our brief meeting.

    I’ve shared your presentation from Summit with multiple people and use it as a training tool for any new team members interested in web analytics.

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following your blog and have read a bunch of your previous posts. Your most recent post came the day after (I think) I saw you sitting in the audience during one of the video segments for Financial Peace University.

    My wife and I are currently taking the course at St. Luke’s Methodist Church in Orlando. I’ve read Dave Ramsey’s books in the past but have not had the opportunity to take the official course till now.

    I also saw that the Total Money Makeover Tour is coming to Orlando in early November. Not sure if you or any member of your team would be down for this event. I would greatly enjoy the opportunity to say hello in person again if you are along for the ride to Florida.

    If not, perhaps I could stop by and say hello the next time I swing through middle Tennessee or at the latest next year at Summit.

    Keep up the great work.

    Chad Cooper

    PS – I’m sure this happens on a daily, if not hourly, basis during Dave’s show. But please pass along that his work has changed the life of my wife, myself and most importantly our 3-year-old son’s life forever.

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