Mentor and Coach

Life is Challenging

Life is challenging and unfortunately many of us go through our lives trying to figure things out on our own only to get mixed results at best. What do I mean? Let me explain.

What about money? Statistics show that 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Debt is crushing Americans and destroying their ability to build wealth for themselves and their families. Does that sound familiar? There’s a better way to live. One that includes you building wealth for yourself and your family to one day live the life you dreamed.

What about marriage? Marriage statistics in America show that almost 50% of first time marriages end in divorce while over 60-70% of second and third marriages end in divorce. Marriage can be tough, but with a little guidance and some hard work, it’s one of the most rewarding parts of life.

What about kids? If you have children, I don’t need to say much. You know how challenging it is. I have six. Yes six! Each one crafted a little bit differently and requiring a little different touch. Raised well, children are a tremendous blessing. Raised poorly, and your children can be one of the most trying parts of your entire life. It never hurts to have a little help figuring it out.

What about career? People can work their entire lives and never find a truly fulfilling job. Most of the time it’s because they never realized what really makes them tick, and on top of that, they can get stuck. What do I mean by stuck? Stuck in a job that isn’t fulfilling. Afraid to take some risk with a chance to find something better. Sometimes it just takes someone willing to guide and help move you on to the next thing.

Now ask yourself, what would your life look like if you could get each one of these areas on track and performing at their peak? That’s what a mentor does. They help you reach your peak performance and help get the most of our your life. Anyone who wants to perform at their peak in a particular area of their life uses a mentor. A coach. Michael Jordan had a coach. Tiger Woods had a coach. Even the top speakers, business executives, and financial gurus have used coaches at some point in their lives.

Our Mentor Program

We are people who have found success in life, and we believe it’s time to share what we’ve learned. Our goal is to help others find success in their finances, marriage, parenting and careers. Our mission is to help people live a more fulfilled life.

We are not counselors. We are guides. We help guide you through life’s challenges to find success.

About Our Mentoring Program

Our mentoring program comes in two flavors. Monthly and annually. Mentoring packages are adaptable to budget and need. Some people need monthly mentoring. Some only need mentoring a few times a year to re-calibrate and stay on track. During the first discussion session, we will make recommendations on the best way to proceed. Availability is limited.

Personal Finance and General Life Mentoring

  • Personal Finance Checkup. Discovery, Feedback and Plan $995 $495
  • Initial “Sounding Board” Session, 1 hr $95
  • Monthly Mentoring $295/mo
  • Annual Package $3,000

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Business and Leadership Mentoring

  • Monthly Mentoring $495/mo
  • Annual Package $5,000

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The Coaching Team

Tony BradshawTony Bradshaw

At age 26, Tony restructured his financial plan with the goal of becoming a millionaire by age 40. Now 46, he has six children ages 6 to 17 and has been married for 18 years. Tony has spent over 20 years in small business beginning his career as a engineer in manufacturing, logistics, and technology. Later he move into the personal finance space where he spent 16 years working in development, digital marketer and online business eventually becoming VP of Internet Business, CIO and COO. He enjoys sharing his life experiences and wisdom with others to help them find success and an even more fulfilled life.

Mentoring Specialties: Personal finances, career, business, digital business, leadership, technology, family