Mentor. Speaker.

Why I Mentor and Speak.

I’ve been blessed by several mentors and by listening to hundreds of speakers during my life. The power of their ideas and the inspiration they shared changed my life’s trajectory and helped to shape my success. Now, there are very few things I find as rewarding in life as helping people grow and move forward in their lives to reach new heights. Mentoring and speaking provides the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.


It is important to have mentors in our lives. Mentors help us solve problems and avoid them. I enjoy contributing to people’s lives whenever I can.

Casual Mentor

I’m always up for great conversation over a cup of coffee if it’s local or over the phone if it isn’t. I think it’s important to meet new people and assist when I can or get assistance if needed. Casual mentoring might include career advice, family, or a few quick financial tips.

Professional Mentor

20 years in the business world solving various business problems. Served as VP of Internet Business Development, CIO and COO. Currently founder and author of an upcoming book, The Millionaire Choice: Millioinaire or Not. You Can Choose. I love leveraging the power of the digital world for life and business. Additional expertise in strategic planning, processes and operations.

Mentoring For

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Good ideas change the world. Speaking is one of the best ways to inspire, influence and move people with new ideas. By delivering the right idea in the right way at the right time, you can change someone’s life.

I’ve enjoyed speaking in various settings for over 10 years. Currently my speaking focus is on personal finance (see With the right inspiration, information and execution, almost anyone can become millionaire.

Speaking Events

  • Corporate Talks
  • Organizational Events
  • Conferences

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