Man Cave Since moving into the new house, I’ve been working on a man cave. It’s nothing fancy yet, but its a nice getaway at times. It’s been great to have guys over from work once a month to hang out. Right now, I’ve contracted a guy to come in and build out a workshop. My tools are crowding the space so I spent a little to dig out the basement, pour some concrete and run some electrical wiring. Pictures to come.

Orphan assistance. I’ve opted into a couple of side projects to help fund some orphanages. Beth and I start this about 2 years ago, but this year we’ve looked at some ways to be a little more committed. Here are a couple of resources for those who are interested. New Seed of Hope – Sudan Africa Orphans, Embraced by Hope – Russia Orphans, Hands and Feet – Haiti Orphans

Ad System We still have a few loose ends to finish up with the new website. Right now we’re working to select an ad management system. The site overall has been performing well, but we’re still tweaking some underperforming areas.

One thought on “Projects

  1. Hi Tony. Check out my website. I’ve been developing video content for a since moving to Nashville, away from the biz. I’m a large fan of Dave Ramsey. The job boards indicate quite a bit of activity, so I’d thought I’d check it out.

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