Energize. Entertain. Educate. Empower.

Good ideas change the world. Speaking is one of the best ways to inspire, influence and move people with new ideas. By delivering the right idea in the right way at the right time, it’s possible to change someone’s life.

I’ve enjoyed speaking in various settings for over 10 years on business and financial topics. One of my favorite topics is teaching people how to build wealth for themselves and their families. I believe anyone can become a millionaire if they make the right choices with their life and their money.

Speaking Topics

Money and Personal Finance

  • The Basics of Money and Finance
  • Breaking Your Family’s Cycle of Financial Mismanagement
  • Making the Millionaire Choice
  • Building a Millionaire Plan
  • 401ks, IRAs and Retirement
  • Creating Millionaire Families
  • The 10 Keys of the Millionaire (Taken from The Millionaire Choice: Millionaire or Not. You Can Choose.)

Business and Leadership

  • Developing Vision. Developing Strategy.
  • Getting Your Executive Team and Company on the Same Page.
  • Better Communication in Leadership, Business and Life.
  • Building Culture in Your Team and Company
  • Evaluating and Investing in Your Team. Stronger Team. Better Results.

Available for:

Speaking Fees:

For Profit or Corporate Event: $5,000
Non-Profit: Inquire

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Even the most successful people, companies and teams need an outside viewpoint from time to time. Sometimes you need an outside look on your finances, your company, or even your life to help you get “unstuck” and keep moving forward.

20 years in the business world solving various business problems, I served as VP, CIO and COO fulfilling a critical role in the formation of Vision, Strategy, Communication and Culture for a $100+ million business.

  • Business Development
  • Business Mission, Vision, Strategy, and Culture
  • Team Skills and Development and Communication
  • Personal Finance in Life, Families and the Workplace

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