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With over 25 years of business leadership and innovation, I focus on helping leaders, companies, and organizations maximize their potential. By developing a clear, powerful, and well-communicated strategy, organizations can reach higher levels of growth and impact. Strong strategic planning helps organizational growth by improving people, impact, and profit.

Companies have faced and overcome many challenges on their way to success. Many of these challenges are first-time obstacles for company leaders. Often the problems and difficulties are only addressed when they are apparent to everyone. Management style like is reactionary leadership. By that time, the company has already been affected sometimes dramatically by the challenge. Your organization has already begun to slow down. Your momentum is lost.

For an organization to thrive, good vision, awareness, clarity in the organization, and being pro-active rather than reactive are a must. Personally, I like to identify and solve challenges before they are problems. I prefer strategic leadership. Management that defines and creates a plan to address future challenges and opportunities at the optimal time. Strategic leadership helps ensure a company’s stability and growth.

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For Life Success

Life is tremendously challenging. If you want to be successful in life, there are two ways to do

Life is tremendously challenging. If you want to be successful in life, there are two ways to do it. One, you can figure it out on your own or two, you can get a mentor, a guide. I’ve done both in my lifetime. At times, I was a loner and navigated life alone. I made mistakes, but I moved forward. I made some massive mistakes.

At other times, I had a mentor. I learned that having a mentor was much better than figuring things out on my own. The most significant benefit is that you get to learn from their mistakes and avoid making the same errors.

Life success is about staking up good decisions one on top of another. Sure, you’ll make some mistakes, but the fewer mistakes you make in life, the more successful you will be. A mentor is a guide that helps you make better good choices and fewer mistakes.

With a business and family of six kids, I’m a busy guy, but I still believe in carving out a little of my time to help mentor and guide people onto the next level of their lives. I have set aside some of my time for this purpose.

I will help you reflect and craft three areas of your life. Your Life Reality. Your Life Dreams. Your Life Plan.

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About Me

Since my youth, I’ve always had a different way of seeing the world than those around me. Opportunities for leadership followed me wherever I went. My head was continually full of ideas, and I loved to tinker with things. I loved to create new things, improve the things around me, organize, and envision new dreams to make them a reality. At 15, I purchased and rebuilt the engine in my first car. I still remember reading the 4 inches thick Chilton’s manual along with all the hot rod magazines I could get my hands on. Learning and doing new things became a part of my life.

As a mechanical engineer, I discovered a gift for problem-solving. I quickly found myself leading and managing multi-million dollar projects. During the company’s migration into the digital world and systems, I became the company’s leader and administrator for the new technology systems and infrastructure.

Next, I moved from the engineering field into the digital and technology world. I began supporting a financial education and training company; I once again quickly found myself in a leadership role responsible for leading the transition into the digital age for twelve distinct business units in multiple market verticals. As the company grew from 30 employees to 550 and $125 million in annual revenue, my responsibilities grew as VP, CIO, and COO.

As part of the executive committee and board of directors, I spearheaded strategic planning for the entire organization bringing together the vision, mission, culture, goals, and actions to sculpt the annual, 3 and 5-year goals for the company.

As part of NTC (Nashville Technology Council) board of directors from 2012 through 2015, I aided in crafting strategic vision, direction, and community among technology leaders in the Nashville market.

In 2016, I joined a small collection of companies as the COO of a financial education and training business vertical, and in 2017, I founded Useful Life with the goal of creating products, services and relationships to help the people and the world become 1% better every day. The Millionaire Choice became the first brand and product line under the Useful Life name.

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