2010 Omniture Summit – Interview with Josh James

Sorry for the delay in posting this interview with Josh. Learning to edit audio, video and add in some annotation proved more cumbersome than I imagined. Isn’t it always the first time you do something like this. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hope you enjoy it!

The Interview with Josh James – full version in M4V format (21m 58s)

Who is Josh James?

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Thanks to those who made the interview possible
Thanks to Nicole Young, Josh James’ executive assistant, for fitting the time into Josh’s schedule. Thanks to Gail Ennis, Sr. VP of Marketing for Omniture, for thinking I was worth Josh’s time, and putting in a good word for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thanks to Mark Boothe and Andrew Watson for coordinating the schedules! Lastly, thanks to Ben Child for ripping the audio and bumping up the volume! Next time I’ll use better equipment!

2010 Omniture Summit – Day 2

This morning started way too early. ๐Ÿ™‚ We jetted down for some breakfast and juice then headed over to get some premium third row seating (the first two rows were reserved. I generally like to sit towards the front left. The keynotes this morning were good, and Josh James was the best I’ve seen him. He did a great job with his content and delivery. However, I wasn’t too impressed by John Battelle. His delivery and content were pretty good, but the slide deck appeared to be constructed on the flight into Salt Lake. I’d rather have function without good form if I had to pick anyway.

After that, we hit the quick lunch scene where we gobbled down a few bites then headed back upstairs to practice our presentation a bit.

Around 1:15, Tim and I headed to the conference room to setup for our presentation. Unfortunately, the computer glitched up prior to the session so Brent Dykes lost a few minutes. Once he got rolling, he moved through his material quickly. As I sat there listening for 30-35 minutes to Brent’s delivery, I had time to polish the opening in my head.

I kicked it off and got quite a few chuckles. Tim took over a few minutes later and did a great job. The room was packed and the crowd of 100-125 people gave us a rousing applause. After the session ended, we were asked if we had time to do it again tomorrow. They turned away 150 people who wanted to see our session. WOW! Since the presentation, Tim and I have both been shocked by how many people made it a point to tell us how good our session was.

Tomorrow, I get to interview Josh James! I spent some time this morning writing out some questions. Nothing too serious, it should be a fun time. If all goes well, it will be posted tomorrow night.

Video 1 – Pre Keynote. Getting ready for Josh James.

Video 2 – Josh James, Omniture’s head honcho takes the stage

2010 Omniture Summit – Day 1

Like many Omniture attendees, my day started around 4:30. It was a little earlier than I had planned since our baby was up, and my loving wife felt compelled to wake me as well. It was just 30 minutes early, so I survived. After that, it was off to the airport for the flight to Salt Lake City. The flight was good and the conversation was better. Being at the office working sometimes doesn’t allow enough time for real discussion. It was good to have several hours of business chat with Jen Sievertsen our Executive Director of Internet Marketing.

Arriving at 11:30, I was pressed for time to get over to the hotel and prep for this year’s Omniture MindMeld session. I enjoyed the MindMeld run by Matt Langie last year, and was pleased to participate again this year. Matt did a great job of making some changes for this years MindMeld and found a way to improve on an already good event. The breakout sessions remained in tact, but the closing discussion format changed from a six single person 10 minute presentations to a joint 20 minute presentation with questions from the audience. It seemed everyone enjoyed it and found some value in it.

At the MindMeld, I was fortunate to be able to lead a discussion table on The Integration of Data: Bringing Online and Offline Together. This is something that’s in the future for our organization. I see this as a huge opportunity spot for us. During the pre-session, I was able to chat wtih Michael Thomas, Director of E-Marketing for E*Trade Financial, Jane Kell, Manager of Web Analytics for Delta Airlines, Joel Wright of Dell’s eIntelligence group, and Alex Lanshur, President and Founder of PublicInsite.

After the MindMeld session was over, I headed over to the mixer where I got to spend some time with Joe Megibow, VP of Global Analytics and Optimization for Expedia.com. Joe is a great guy with an INCREDIBLE mind for analytics. I also spent some time talking with Brian Katz of VKI Studios. Brian was also at the table discussion I led and he had a lot of useful, quality information.

Then it was off to check on our presentation being ready for tomorrow and down to the dining area. As usual, the food was good, the networking was great, and a little music from the live band added a lot of energy.

I hope to start posting some flip videos of the attendees tomorrow so stay tuned!

Time for bed, day two starts in 8 hours.

Rachel and Jane at MindMeld
Rachel Scotto of Scotto Consulting and Jane Kell of Delta Airlines
Michael Thomas of Etrade
Michael Thomas of Etrade
MindMeld Attendees
MindMeld Attendees
Alex Langshur, Rachel Scotto, Matt Langie and Me
Alex Langshur, Rachel Scotto, Matt Langie and Me
The Band at the Opening Reception
The Band at the Opening Reception
Shot of the Opening Reception
Shot of the Opening Reception