Nashville Flood – My Sister’s Place

I merrily went into work on Monday knowing that my basement was in good shape. I had a pretty good day at work too. Then 5:17 arrived, and the proverbial pin dropped. I was informed that my sister's place, a rental place, was caught in the wake of the Cumberland River. Why did it take … Continue reading Nashville Flood – My Sister’s Place

Flood in Nashville…and My Basement

Wow. What an astounding rainstorm this has been. I remember seeing something like this back in the 80s when a friend and I ventured down to Shelby Park, but honestly, this storm trumps even that. On our trip to the park during the 1980s flood, the water was up to the roofs of food buildings, … Continue reading Flood in Nashville…and My Basement

Omniture Summit 2010

Since our company's relationship with Omniture began back in 2007, we've steadily been increasing our expertise with their product line. While I'm sure there are many more power users out there who exceed our current level, I feel our efforts have positioned us nicely in the Omniture community. Being positioned as a top 3,000 US … Continue reading Omniture Summit 2010