A 2017 Reading List for Success

Whenever I go through the airport heading to my flight, I make it a point to walk through the bookstore. 90% of the time something will catch my eye and once again they have me hooked. I’m a sucker for a good book.

However on this particular morning while heading out to Salt Lake City for a cold snowy week, I reached a conundrum. I found a particularly enticing assortment of books. While I tried to narrow my selection down to just one book, I couldn’t. My next choice was to expand to two or three books which I quickly eliminated as a viable option seeing as I had three books witb me already. Hmmm. Such an unfortunate predicament.

Finally, it occurred to me. Any one of these books would be an amazing read, and seeing as I had only read two of the books, why not make this book display my reading list for the year? And thus was born my business reading list for 2017. I say my business reading list because I have various other spiritual, adventure, and scientific books already started.

As I found this shelf to be filled with very relevant topics for my new adventures in 2017, I felt it only fitting to share the list with others. Enjoy.

Business and Leadership Training

Well, we’ve nearly reached the end of 2008. What a year. I didn’t acheive all my goals this year, but I’m very satisfied with the progress I’ve made. One of my goals was to research and find new methods to grow my business and leadership skills. Here’s a short list of what I’ve done this year.

  • Read relevant books
  • Read relevant trade magazines
  • Focus on growing presentation skills
  • Schedule regular speaking opportunities in addition to work related activities
  • Meet other local high level technology professionals with possibility of mentorship

I also spent some time this year researching other business and leadership training materials online. I was surprised by the relatively low quality of material I found. The lack of quality material reinforced the pride I have in our company’s product – Entreleadership – business and leadership training conferences.

Entreleadership is quite an incredible package. In it’s 4 day format, Entreleadership covers 26 required business and leadership lessons with several optional lessons on internet business and marketing, investing, accounting and business taxes. Entreleadership One Day covers 7 critical lessons for a successful business. Dave does 2 Entreleadership conferences per year and 6 Entreleadership One Day events. Total attendees for the events over the past 2 years have been around 2,000. Testimonies about the quality of the event abound.

If you are interested in top notch intense business leadership training, then check out Entreleadership. Some of the attendees have touted it being as valuable as their MBA.