A New Breed of CIO

Technology is changing. The way companies use technology is changing. The past - technology teams and CIOs relied upon by the organization as service level. Translation: Business leaders come up with ideas. Business leaders tell the technology department what they want or need. The technology team fulfills those requests. Very service level driven. The future … Continue reading A New Breed of CIO

Another Wonderful Day at the CIO Leadership Event

Today was fabulous! The day began with some discussion on gamification, then rolled into a great session from Tom Wilson, CEO of Allstate. Probably my favorite session of the day was from David Williams, CEO of Deloitte Financial Services. The conference is a bit lite on vendors which is a good thing, but the vendors … Continue reading Another Wonderful Day at the CIO Leadership Event

Becoming a Better CIO

This weekend I'm experiencing the wonderful weather of Boca Raton, Florida. However, it's not all fun and games unless of course you consider that I love my job and the company I have the pleasure of working at for the last 12 years. Since being appointed as the company's first ever CIO in January 2012, … Continue reading Becoming a Better CIO

CIO Meeting #4

Our company is growing...fast. When I started way back in March 2001, I was the 33rd employee. Seven and half years later, we have 225. My team, the Internet Business and Technologies group, is just over 40 with plans to hire 10+ more this year. Exciting...challenging. While running a successful business unit is tough, rapid … Continue reading CIO Meeting #4