Our iPhone App and Promotions Videos

Wow what an amazing few weeks its been! We launched our first iPhone app on July 12th. The 1st week’s results have exceed our expectations and the numbers keep on growing.

The app is Ask Dave Ramsey and is based off our website, daveramsey.com, tool called Ask Dave. The app is pretty cool and quite a bit different than most of the other apps in the App store. The “Ask Dave Ramsey” app taps into our database of 2,000+ calls on the Dave Ramsey Radio Show where Dave takes questions on life and money then answers those questions live on air. The questions are answered both in a transcript and audio format. It’s pretty slick and has been received well by our fan base.

The Results so Far

  • Hit #1 in the Free Finance Category
  • Made it to a featured spot on the New list and the New and Noteworthy list
  • Made it to a #60 rating in overall apps
  • 70,000 downloads of the app in the first 9 days!
  • Tons of 4 and 5 star reviews with the occassional “hater”

A couple of promotional videos were produced and released on youtube. Blake Thompson shows you how to use the app, Ask Dave Ramsey initial launch demo.

Special kudos to our MyTotalMoneyMakeover.com business and development teams as well as our vendor sixvoices.com. Great job everyone!

It’s been a great step in leveraging mobile media for our company. With all the fervor surrounding this one right now, I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.

Dave Ramsey iPhone App

Omniture Summit 2010

Since our company’s relationship with Omniture began back in 2007, we’ve steadily been increasing our expertise with their product line. While I’m sure there are many more power users out there who exceed our current level, I feel our efforts have positioned us nicely in the Omniture community. Being positioned as a top 3,000 US website, depending on the day, we face a lot of challenges with our site. DaveRamsey.com supports some 25 different businesses covering several flavors of B2C commerce, B2B commerce, and about 20 different lead types for the various businesses while trying to provide free content and tools for our visitors. Needless to say, it is very challenging.

Omniture has been a fabulous tool for us as we’ve attacked our online design and business problems to increase results. Through our success with Omniture, we’ve been able to conduct on online interview with John Broady, Executive Director at OTTO Digital, contribute to an Omniture case study covering daveramsey.com, participate in the first MindMeld, and most recently contributed to an Omniture Webinar on The Cost of Free.

We’ve recently been pleased to speak with Matt Langie, about the possibility of being a presenter at the 2010 Omniture Summit. This will be our 4th Summit to attend as a company, and we are looking forward to it. Omniture has been a key component to our online strategy over the last 4 years, and we are excited about the opportunity to share some of what we’ve learned with the industry at large.