Episode 12: Retirement Benefits Talk with Danielle Roberts, Boomer Benefits

Danielle Roberts and Boomer Benefits help people and families to plan and transition into their retirement years. Many of us fail to plan for our medical needs in our retirement years putting stress on the entire family. Danielle shares a little of wisdom and several steps to make the transition much less stressful and smooth. Retirement doesn’t have to be scary or difficult, and a little wisdom from a mentor really helps.

Episode 1: Welcome to The Millionaire Choice Show with Tony Bradshaw

Welcome to the first episode of The Millionaire choice Show where we talk with millionaires and future millionaires about how to build wealth and what to do with it once you have. Wealth has a purpose. Enjoy life, help others, serve God. Building wealth and becoming a millionaire is just a natural product of good stewardship over your life and your money.

Episode 6: Investing and Financial Planning Wisdom with Shelly Lombard, Founder of MilleMoney

Shelly is a 30 year Wall Street veteran sharing her knowledge on stock market investing and financial planning to build wealth. Shelly grew up in a family with modest means, but discovered Wall Street as a path to live a different life from the one she grew up in.

Episode 7: Lower Risk Investing Strategies and Financial Planning with Mark Willis

Mark shares his financial planning wisdom on building lower risk financial plans to build wealth. Many people handle their money without a plan. Mark talks to us about financial planning and safer model investing to build wealth and how to stop living the paycheck to paycheck life.

Episode 2: Her Millionaire Journey with Ann Shank, Owner Panhandle Getaways

Ann Shank, owner of Panhandle Getaways, joins The Millionaire Choice Show to share her journey in becoming a millionaire. Ann started her first business in her early teens. In her early 20s, she worked to grow a retail chain store to one of the top sales locations in the country. After receiving a disappointing raise, … Continue reading Episode 2: Her Millionaire Journey with Ann Shank, Owner Panhandle Getaways

Got Money Questions? FREE Money Mentor Financial Coaching Session

For a limited time, get a FREE Money Mentor Session. I believe it’s always a good idea to get an outside opinion on your finances from someone who has had success with life and money. I call this finding a “Money Mentor.” Whether you talk with me or someone else, I encourage you to find a Money Mentor, someone who can help guide your with your life and financial decisions.

Success IQ Podcast with Geoff Nicholson

It's always fun and energizing to discuss how to help people get their money on track, becoming a millionaire, and how that can help them live an even more fulfilled and successful life.

CentsAble Chat Podcast with Bobbi Olson

I had a great conversation with Bobbi Olson (a.k.a. "CentsAble" Bobbi) on her Podcast, CentsAble Chat. She has a real heart for teaching and helping people figure out what to do with their money.

Understanding the Global Financial World

I began learning about personal finance when I was twenty-five. That's where I've been focused for the past twenty years. Learning about wealth building within the US economy. Stocks, real estate, precious metals, currency trading, building your income, etc. Recently over the past two years, I've been spending some time reading and learning about world … Continue reading Understanding the Global Financial World

Finally! New Book Cover is Finished!

The Millionaire Choice book is about making the choice to become a millionaire. At age 25, Tony made the choice to become a millionaire and now he's sharing what he learned.