Our Apple Farm

And the Apple story just keeps getting better…or at least more entertaining. Before I post more thoughts on the developing Apple situation. I feel I should clarify things for any Apple groupies out there. Seriously, I’m an apple user and fan. I’m not some Microsoft/Dell guy bashing Apple. To prove it for any naysayers, I decided to take some pictures of our “Apple Farm”.

My Wife's MacBookThe Mac MiniThe MacBook ProThe Pro - Dual G5
So what happened lately? Well, this material is so outstandingly good that it was only a matter of time before the talk shows got in on it. If you haven’t seen Jon Stewart or David Letterman’s bit on the iPhone, take a few minutes and get a good laugh.

Jon Stewart
David Letterman

Several iPhone spoofs and videos have also surfaced for your viewing pleasure
Steve Jobs – Old video footage of Steve talking about “stealing” ideas
Hitler spoof

Steve, love your products, but I’ll leave you with this for now.

Steve Jobs save me

Aw Geez Steve…You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me

So this story just keeps getting better. Such a soap opera.

If you haven’t been following the iPhone prototype that got loose out in California, then you’ve really missed some fun. Being a moderate Apple fan, I’m quite disappointed in Steve and the company’s approach to the whole lost iPhone episode. After just posting about Apple’s “control freak / locked down platform”, the story just adds more disappointment for this fan.

If you want the whole story, check out some of these links.
Gizmodo – the story origination
USA Today – old news

And then it got serious…
The Police Raid on Jason Chen
TechCrunch – More Police Raid Coverage
Apple Insider – the lawsuit

So if you read my last disgruntled post about the Apple vs. Adobe, you know how that has now cost Apple $4000 of my hard earned cash. Now you can imagine where my mind goes reading this new account of Apple’s “behavior”. I seriously would like to just video my bashing of all my Apple products to make a statement. Will I? No…but I wish I still had my wife’s old Power PC to take out some of my frustration.

Apple…get over yourself…cut the BS Steve. You’re not messing with a bunch of peons anymore. You’re messing with the communities’ perception of Apple.