Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit

I’ve read quite a few leadership books and been to several conferences. This week I thoroughly enjoyed the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. If you’re serious about growing as a leader, I recommend you check into attending in 2011. It’s available via satellite to hundreds of locations. In fact, over 100,000 people attended across the globe. Make sure to check out the video links at the bottom of the post.

I’ll post some more of my thoughts later as I have time to take it all in. For now, enjoy some of these resources I’ve dug up.

Speakers – Day 1 (speakers list at willowcreek.com)

Bill Hybels – Taking people from Here to There, practical leadership

Jim Collins -Never Ever Give Up

Christine CaineA21 – abolishing injustice and human trafficking, more

Tony Dungy -The Mentor Leader

Adam Hamilton -When Leaders Fall, practical advice on protecting yourself

Dr. Peter Zhao Xiao – Christianity’s impact on Economics and what’s happening in China

Andy Stanley – Leveraging Tension in your environment/workplace

Speakers – Day 2 (speakers list at willowcreek.com)

Jeff Manion – speaking on The Land Between

Terri Kelly – CEO W.L. Gore and Associates – Amazing company culture and structure

Daniel Pink -on What Motivates Us

Blake Mycoskie -Tom’s Shoes, One for One (Simply Amazing)

Jack Welch interviewed by Bill Hybels – Incredible interview

T.D. Jakes – On Combustible Passion


Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit – YouTube Channel

Interview Clip of Jack Welch (Video)

Interview Clip with Terri Kelly, W.L. Gore (Video)

Personal and Professional Growth

A few years ago I started looking to expand my personal growth plan. In addition to the books, magazines, blogs, and conferences I was reading and attending, I put together a networking plan. A typical addition to the growth plans of most aspiring leaders.

For starters, I wanted to not only access other peer professionals, but I had also hoped to reach out to C-Level executives and learn from them as well. You can’t just email people out of the blue and expect stellar results. You need a calling card of sorts and so this blog was birthed.

This blog has served me well allowing me some great opportunities. In addition to writing a few book reviews and making contact with Michael Watkins (author of The First 90 Days), I’ve been able to meet with 3 local CIOs, 1 CMO as well as 3 CEOs. I’m hoping to make contact with many C-Level executives throughout the rest of 2010, but now it’s time for another growth challenge.

Recently, I met with Steve Hayes of Human Capital Group who referred me to the C12 Group (a leadership training system). The C12 Group puts you into a group of 12 CEO/President/Significant Business Leaders. You commit to meeting and helping each other by being available. Wise counsel. I’ll be looking into this a bit more in the coming weeks. Initial reviews look promising.

I will also be looking into other leadership groups as well. Suggestions welcome.

C12 Business Group

Business and Leadership Training

Well, we’ve nearly reached the end of 2008. What a year. I didn’t acheive all my goals this year, but I’m very satisfied with the progress I’ve made. One of my goals was to research and find new methods to grow my business and leadership skills. Here’s a short list of what I’ve done this year.

  • Read relevant books
  • Read relevant trade magazines
  • Focus on growing presentation skills
  • Schedule regular speaking opportunities in addition to work related activities
  • Meet other local high level technology professionals with possibility of mentorship

I also spent some time this year researching other business and leadership training materials online. I was surprised by the relatively low quality of material I found. The lack of quality material reinforced the pride I have in our company’s product – Entreleadership – business and leadership training conferences.

Entreleadership is quite an incredible package. In it’s 4 day format, Entreleadership covers 26 required business and leadership lessons with several optional lessons on internet business and marketing, investing, accounting and business taxes. Entreleadership One Day covers 7 critical lessons for a successful business. Dave does 2 Entreleadership conferences per year and 6 Entreleadership One Day events. Total attendees for the events over the past 2 years have been around 2,000. Testimonies about the quality of the event abound.

If you are interested in top notch intense business leadership training, then check out Entreleadership. Some of the attendees have touted it being as valuable as their MBA.