Episode 20: Business, Money, and Purpose with Mitzi Perdue, Hotel Heiress and Perdue Farms Family

This week on The Millionaire Choice, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mitzi Perdue, Hotel Heiress and Perdue Farms Family member. Mitzi has experienced business leadership that has grown two 20,000 person companies and the lessons she learned has had a profound impact on her life, money, and purpose.

Episode 16: Career, Money and Finding Your Life Calling with Dan Miller, 48 Days

In 2001, Dan Miller helped to transform my life. After hearing Dan speak on a Sunday, I attended one of his evening classes, refocused my career plans, and set off on a career and life journey for the next 20 years. Doors of opportunity opened that I never imagined and my income soared. I give Dan Miller a lot of the credit.

A 2017 Reading List for Success

Whenever I go through the airport heading to my flight, I make it a point to walk through the bookstore. 90% of the time something will catch my eye and once again they have me hooked. I'm a sucker for a good book. However on this particular morning while heading out to Salt Lake City … Continue reading A 2017 Reading List for Success

Leadership Lessons from Bill Hybels

Great leadership ability is not something you attain. It's something you constantly work to improve and refine. I find it extremely interesting that the best leaders are always looking for ways to improve. They never see leadership from the lens of "I've arrived." On August 9th and 10th, our leadership team was able to attend … Continue reading Leadership Lessons from Bill Hybels

Leadership Tools

Always working to stay sharp and keep that edge. Ran across a couple of leadership tools last week. There's a lot of good and a lot of bad material out there. Hope these help you cut through the crap and add a little value to your leadership skills. Leadership Challenge -http://www.leadershipchallenge.com, interesting site. Can't say … Continue reading Leadership Tools

Employee / Company Word Association

Keeping a company cohesive and strong is a tough job. It takes vision, purpose, focus, resolve and long list of other things to pull it off. Unfortunately, many companies fail in developing a top notch work environment. In fact, many companies barely try. I enjoy reading stories about companies like Zappos that are doing a … Continue reading Employee / Company Word Association

First 90 Days on the Job

My monthly goal is to post to my blog 2-3 times per month, so I'm breaking my rule by posting again today. However, I love using linkedin.com, and I read something today that might be valuable to you. If you aren't familiar with linkedin.com, it is a community of professionals from all types of fields. … Continue reading First 90 Days on the Job

You’re Not the Smartest Person in the Room

Have you ever had one of those discussions with someone where you just weren't connecting? They're trying to get their point across. You're trying to get your point across. For some reason, there just isn't a connection. I pondered that disconnect a little today and I came up with this. "You are not the smartest … Continue reading You’re Not the Smartest Person in the Room

Christmas Present from the Team

I've never really considered myself a needy guy when it comes to birthday presents or Christmas gifts. If I don't get them, I usually don't get disappointed, but when I receive something nice, I'm like anyone else...it feels good. I especially like gifts that people put a lot of thought or effort into. I'm a … Continue reading Christmas Present from the Team

Business and Leadership Training

Well, we've nearly reached the end of 2008. What a year. I didn't acheive all my goals this year, but I'm very satisfied with the progress I've made. One of my goals was to research and find new methods to grow my business and leadership skills. Here's a short list of what I've done this … Continue reading Business and Leadership Training