Contrasting the Adobe/Omniture vs. Amazon/Zappos Acquisitions

First off, let me say this is not going to be some super in depth analysis that looks into financial statements, revenues shifts, profitability or details like that. I’m merely going to make some basic observations and speak to how I as an Adobe/Omniture customer feel. First, some background. A Little Background Our company as… Read More Contrasting the Adobe/Omniture vs. Amazon/Zappos Acquisitions

Omniture Summit MindMeld Session Videos

The videos from the Omniture Summit MindMeld Sessions were posted today. Some links related to the MindMeld Omniture Summit MindMeld Press Release MindMeld participant comments – Stephane Hamel My previous Omniture Summit MindMeld post The MindMeld videos Stephane Hamel Tony Bradshaw Gary Angel Bill Gassman The video turned out better than I thought it would… Read More Omniture Summit MindMeld Session Videos