World Orphans Outreach

I’ve been following Paul Myhill’s blog from World Orphans outreach. During these Christmas holidays he’s been doing something called “33 Days of Hope” where he’s featuring stories on different orphans each day to raise money. When I first started reading these stories, I must admit I was touched. Now after reading several of them, they’ve begun to impact me even more. It takes a while, but eventually you start to understand and feel a bit more of what these kids are going through out  in the world. It’s heart wrenching.

Today’s Story – She Used to Sell Her Body for Food Now Grace is Fed and Loved by Foster Parents

World Orphans - Paul Myhill Reaches Out to Iraq

I’ve recently started following Paul Myhill of Paul just posted a good video showing some of the trauma that children and families have had to endure in Iraq, and what they are doing to help with the problem. It really tears your heart out to see what evil men do to people, but it’s inspiring to see what World Orphans is doing now.

World Orphans – Paul Myhill (blog / video)

World Orphans - Paul Myhill