Episode 3: Consumer Direct Marketing Success with Beth and Taylor Schomp

Beth Schomp is a 33 year veteran of the consumer direct marketing world. She’s reached some of the highest levels of success and now leads her team on finding their own success in the consumer direct sales world. Beth is a firm believer in servant leadership. Her passion and mission are to serve people to help them get where they need to go in life.

Episode 9: Success Coaching with Sean Douglas, Life Transformation Coach

Sean's life and financial choices transformed him from a young man headed towards disaster to one of leadership and a future millionaire. Now he helps others make the same life transformation choices that he once made.

Episode 8: Real Estate Investing with Brad Shepherd, Sugarhouse Investments

Real estate investing has been part of Brad’s life since his college days. He earned his undergraduate degree in Finance with an eye towards commercial real estate, interning with one of the premier large commercial property portfolio companies in the Northwest. He purchased his first rental property within months of graduating college, and quickly added several more.

My First TV Appearance: Bridges on CTN with Monica Schmelter

Super excited about my first TV appearance talking about my book, The Millionaire Choice: Millionaire or Not. You can Choose. with Monica Schmelter on her show Bridges.

75% of Americans are Living Paycheck to Paycheck. What are YOU Doing About It?

Did you know that roughly 75% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck? Reality check. That means that 3 out of 4 people you know and meet today are living paycheck to paycheck. It doesn't matter how much money they make, the problem is the same, and in most cases, it comes back to how … Continue reading 75% of Americans are Living Paycheck to Paycheck. What are YOU Doing About It?

Will The Millionaire Choice become an Amazon.com Best Seller Today?

It's been five months since The Millionaire Choice launched. The book, the story and the brand continue to pickup steam, and we're still just getting started. Over the last two months, The Millionaire Choice has been featured on several podcasts and radio shows with the most recent being Market Wrap with Moe Ansari.

The Millionaire Choice Update

Its been an fun couple of weeks. Last week we tried out some ads on Salem Radio Networks, placed an ad in The Nashville Scene and ran an ad in their email newsletter. I've included the ads here, so let me know what you think about them. We may run them again soon.   As … Continue reading The Millionaire Choice Update