eMetrics Conference

For all the web analytics nutcases out there, you should look into the eMetrics conference. They have several of these per year in various locations across the country. Just be aware that each conference is a bit different since they are tailored more to the audience they expect to attend. I've heard that the conference … Continue reading eMetrics Conference

Omniture Summit 2009 Day 1

It's Monday February 16, 2009. After several hours on 2 different planes and a short drive to the hotel, I'm settled in. I went out for dinner and scouted the area for other places after the team arrives tomorrow. My wife will arrive Thursday evening after the conference wraps up. We'll be staying over and … Continue reading Omniture Summit 2009 Day 1

Omniture Interview

Our internet business team has been using Omniture Analytics since July 2007. Over the last year, we've been able to generate almost 600% ROI on their SiteCatalyst tool. In June 2008, we began experimenting with their Test and Target tool and we accomplished our 60 day goal of 400% ROI. Recently, I had the opportunity … Continue reading Omniture Interview