The Millionaire Choice

My book, The Millionaire Choice, is about helping people break free from their family’s cycle of financial mismanagement and become millionaires. Millionaire or Not. You Can Choose.

My journey started when I was 25 years old. I received my W2 and realized I had just wasted $39,000. As if that wasn’t bad enough, I somehow ended up $16,000 in debt. That moment in time both shocked and disappointed me. Staring at my first W2 out as an engineer just out of college, I knew something needed to change. I began to study money. 90 Days later, I realized something, money is a math problem and with the right math, I could become a millionaire. It’s when I made what I call the millionaire choice, my choice to become a millionaire. I knew that with the right knowledge and doing the right things, I could become a millionaire.

That was also the day I decided not to follow in my family’s bad money habits and financial mismanagement. It was time for me to break free from generations of bad money habits and build a better future.

The Millionaire Choice, now available at Amazon and many other booksellers, shares the story of my financial life and the principles and tools that helped me to break my family’s cycle of financial mismanagement and become a millionaire. I felt compelled to write The Millionaire Choice when I realized how many of the people we meet every day are struggling with money. They are living their lives without a good financial vision or principles that could help them build wealth.

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